Our solution to a growing problem

"The average candle in retail outlets in the UK burns for six hours – meaning that for just six hours of household decor, the plastic casings of candles could remain in landfill for up to 1,000 years. And plastic isn’t the only culprit – many manufacturers also use glass and metal casings. While the general public has begun to increase its household recycling for the most part, reports suggest that efforts are mostly focused on food packaging, meaning that hundreds of thousands of other household waste items – such as candles – are still heading straight for landfill. Adding to the poor recycling rates for candle packaging is the fact that paraffin, a key component in most candles available on the High Street, is a by-product of petroleum, which means the increase demand for candles is adding to the already considerable pressure on non-renewable energy sources – and burning them also releases the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide." - Mark Hall, Communications Director of

What we plan to do about it

We need your help and insight in order to make sure that we provide you with a high quality product. We are trialling a limited number of mini versions of our upcoming Recycandles in a small selection of scents, and we'd love your input and feedback! Anyone who purchases a trial size Recycandle will be able to claim a 30% discount off a full sized tin, once they are released!

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