Nothing says winter like the warm zesty scent of spiced oranges! This festive aroma mix of orange, clove, nutmeg and cinnamon is great for uplifting your spirits on those miserable, freezing winter days. It takes me back to school trips to the local church at xmas to carol sing with our christingle clove laden oranges!

Spiced Orange

    • Cruelty free - Not tested on animals, contains no animal products.
    • Biodegradeable with 100% compostable packaging
    • Washable - Can be removed with basic soap and water in case of accidents, so no need to worry about ruining furniture and clothing
    • Renewable and sustainable - Soy can be replaced faster than the rate of consumption, and without damaging the eco-system in the process
    • Contains no Paraffin, Petroleum, Palm wax or Beeswax
    • Contains no Pesticides or Herbicides
    • Pthalate free



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