Our white solid shampoo bars are vegetable based and vegan friendly just like our soaps and are free from the surfactant Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Made using soothing Aloe Vera and the conditioning additive Polyquaternium 7*, they are dye free,  fragrance free, and suitable for all hair types. Being both environmentally friendly and economical, they are kind not just to the planet, but to your purse as well, as a little goes a long way!


We recommend reading about what to expect when making the switch to solid shampoo, as sometimes the transition can take time and patience.


*Polyquaternium 7 is an anti-static agent and film former used in hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners, and hair sprays, but also in soaps and other cleansing products. It prevents the buildup of static electricity and forms a thin coating on the hair shaft that is absorbed by the hair, inhibiting the hair from absorbing moisture and creating frizz. It is a very good detangler and provides slip for easier wet-combing. In addition it will add softness and shine to dry hair. 


Solid Shampoo

    • Vegetable Based
    • Vegan friendly and Cruelty free
    • Paraben Free
    • Made using Soothing Aloe Vera
    • Contains no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
    • PEG and Preservative free
    • Dye and fragrance free
  • Aqua, Glycerin, Sodium Stearate, Sorbitol , Sodium Laurate, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Titanium Dioxide, Stearic Acid, Lauric Acid, Pentasodium Pentetate, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Polyquaternium 7, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, Sodium Benzoate 



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