Our Laundry balls are made of pure New Zealand wool which absorbs the water from your wash and assists in a much quicker drying process, and helps to remove static and fluff from your laundry. Each set  can be used up to 1000 times so are both economic and energy saving.  Choice of hand patterned or plain.


Instructions for use - Place all 3 dry laundry balls into the dryer along with your usual load, and dry as normal. Ensure balls are fully dry before re-use

Eco Laundry Drier Balls

    • Energy Saving - Can cut drying time by up to 25% - 40%
    • Can soften your load and reduce creases/wrinkles, eliminating the need for wasteful dryer sheets
    • Can reduce fuzz, dryer fluff and other bits as they become attracted to the balls, rather than your clothes
    • Overall save you time, energy, money and the environment



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