This distinctive clean fragrance that mimics Dove Soap will have your home smelling like its just got out of a two hour relaxing soak in the tub. Does not contain 1/4 moisturiser, its a melt not a bar of soap, do not use in the bath! Has no affiliations with its orignal counterpart.


    • Cruelty free - Not tested on animals, contains no animal products.
    • Biodegradeable with 100% compostable packaging
    • Washable - Can be removed with basic soap and water in case of accidents, so no need to worry about ruining furniture and clothing
    • Renewable and sustainable - Soy can be replaced faster than the rate of consumption, and without damaging the eco-system in the process
    • Contains no Paraffin, Petroleum, Palm wax or Beeswax
    • Contains no Pesticides or Herbicides
    • Pthalate free



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TS11 6EZ

Registered company number 10970266

(England and Wales)