INCI information for soaps and cosmetics

No matter what kind of soap we're making, a clear ingredient list is both beneficial and legally required to all of our customers. INCI stands for International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. It is a system for naming ingredients used in soaps and cosmetics created by the International Nomenclature Committee. The INCI names are based on scientific names, Latin names and English words, and the naming system is used worldwide. The system makes it easy to identify ingredients, even if they are known as something else in different parts of the world. Depending on the ingredient, the common name and the INCI name can be the same, or it can be very different. For example, the INCI name and the common name for lye are both “sodium hydroxide.” The INCI names also helps to distinguish the product from the “trade name,” which is also known as the brand name. Because of this, our ingredients are always listed on our soaps labelling using their INCI names, but if you have any allergies or concerns and wish to request a copy of a products INCI list before purchasing, please get in touch using our email at

Our INCI lists also serve as proof that none of our products contain any ingredients with animal derivatives, and these can be checked and cross referenced using PETA's Animal Derived Ingredients List


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