Caring about the environment and our community has always been close to our heart, and with both seemingly in constant decline, we wanted to create something that could address both issues. Times are hard and money is tight, and people are searching for thriftier solutions to make their wage go a little further, but eco - friendly doesn't have to mean expensive. You can help save the world and still save money. Our products are made using both natural and sustainable ingredients, many of which have been around for a very long time, and have solid reputations built on their effectiveness, but they have been overshadowed by big name brands and expensive and harmful chemicals. This combined with our throwaway society, means most of the products in our homes aren't just bad for our health, but bad for the environment too. We are dedicated to bringing you alternatives that not only address these problems, but that don't break the bank in the process. We believe "if you treat people well, they'll come back, and if you price things fairly, and make a quality product you don't have to be ruthless to be successful"

Proud to be


Eco- friendly without

compromising quality

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